Year-Round Water Conservation

lake peak dec 2015 reduced size
The headwaters of the Santa Fe River are located at the southern base of Lake Peak in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Santa Fe has four water supply sources, two of which are surface water supplies, the Santa Fe River and Rio Grande. Both of these rivers are reliant upon mountain snow-pack for their annual flows. Each year, the amount of snowfall accumulated within a watershed will largely determine how much water will be flowing in the rivers during the spring run-off.

Although the Sangre de Cristo mountains have experienced substantial snow accumulations this winter, it’s important to keep in mind that Santa Fe sits within a high desert environment characterized by highly variable precipitation from year to year. So regardless of how much snow the City Different receives this season, water conservation is a way of life here. Rain, snow or shine, it’s important that we continue to practice water conservation year-round.

To learn more about the City’s water supply sources and understand where your water comes from, visit our Water Supply Sources page.