Instagram Photo Contest Winner Announced

Grand Prize Winner Kate LindseyWinning entry to replace decades-old indoor water use requirement signage.

SANTA FE, NM – The City of Santa Fe Water Conservation office announced the winning photo to replace the decades-old signage that businesses are required to post in restrooms, shower facilities and restaurants.

In an effort to spruce-up the signage and remind businesses of the city ordinance, the Water Conservation Office hosted a free digital social media photo contest as a less costly and unique way to reach more online audiences.

The winner of the “Capture Water Conservation” Instagram contest is Kate Lindsey (@klindsey).  Lindsey’s photo depicts a yellow aspen leaf with crisp water droplets and will be featured on the new signage. The second place winner received a new rain barrel, donated by Dahl Plumbing.

“I’m thrilled and very honored to have my work chosen to represent such an important cause,” said Lindsey.

Christine Chavez, manager of the water conservation office, noted the required signage is two decades old. “The signs served us well, but are in need of an update and we also wanted to remind businesses that we offer free signs, which are required to be posted in all public, semi-public, and governmental entities.”

“Earlier this year, we launched Facebook and Instagram accounts to better promote water conservation in a refreshing way and in a way more and more Santa Feans like to communicate,” Chavez said.

The City of Santa Fe partnered with Simply Social Media, a local media strategy company, to advertise the contests on their promotional Instagram account @SimplySantaFeNM.  The contest received over 200 submissions. More than 70,000 people viewed the photos over 250,000 times.

The free signage will be available in the fall. To pre-order, please call 955-4225 or email

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  • Public, semi-public, and governmental entities are required to post water conservation signage in restroom and shower facilities. (The Water Conservation Office offers signs free of charge.)
  • Hotels, motels, and other lodging facilities shall provide a water conservation informational card or brochure in a visible location in each guest room. (The Water Conservation Office offers table tents and towel hangers free of charge.)
  • The property owner or manager must repair minor water system leaks, as determined by the city, with fifteen days of initial notification by the Water Division; severe leaks must be repaired immediately.
  • All public and private eating establishments shall provide water only on request and shall clearly communicate this to customers through table tents, a note on the menu, or clearly visible signage. (The Water Conservation Office offers table tents free of charge.)
  • Lodging facilities shall not change the sheets and towels move than once every four (4) days for guests staying more than one night.
  • Title companies and others that close real estate transactions must provide the buyer with city-provided water conservation literature.
  • The City will provide new water customers with water conservation literature.

Report Water Waste (505) 955-4222
Report Water Waste in City Parks (505) 955-2100