• City Seeks Members for Water Conservation Committee Vacancies

    The City of Santa Fe is now accepting applications for three vacant positions on its Water Conservation Committee.  As an advisory group for the City, the Committee assists with policy recommendations and evaluates specific programs related to water conservation. The Water Conservation Committee … Read more.

    City Seeks Members for Water Conservation Committee Vacancies
  • Xeriscapes & Outdoor Watering

    As spring weather ushers in, City residents are likely becoming eager to get outside and do some yard work. But did you know that outdoor watering accounts for approximately 40 percent of Santa Fe’s total water use? If you have a well-established xeriscape, remember to go easy on the watering. … Read more.

    Xeriscapes & Outdoor Watering
  • Welcome to Save Water Santa Fe

    Santa Fe water is too valuable to waste. The City’s Water Conservation Office is here to help. By using the calculator tools, incentives and tips on this website, you’ll help save water for future needs, save money, preserve the environment and delay costly new sources of water and infrastructure … Read more.

    Welcome to Save Water Santa Fe
  • Santa Fe Water Use

    The City’s Water Division publishes weekly water reports on how full our reservoirs are, how much water is being diverted from the Rio Grande, and how much water we’ve supplied our customers. Understanding how much we have is a valuable conservation tool. To learn more about our water use, click … Read more.

    Santa Fe Water Use
  • Water Sense Tips

    Don’t tell us, show us.  The City of Santa Fe has partnered with EPA’s WaterSense Program, one of the largest water conservation educational outreach programs in the nation.  Daily and seasonal tips are designed to show you how to use water wisely inside and outside your home or office. Click on … Read more.

    Water Sense Tips
  • How Low Can You Go?

    Have you ever wondered how much water you use in your home and landscape or how water and energy are connected? Explore our interactive tools and learn how to use water more efficiently each and every day. Water Budget Calculator H2Ouse Landscape Tour Calculator Landscape Irrigation … Read more.

    How Low Can You Go?