Report Water Waste: (505) 955-4222 Report Water Waste in City Parks: (505) 955-2100


No Outside Watering from 10 am to 6 pm between May 1 and October 31. Because of evaporation, it takes more water to irrigate during the heat of the day. Some gardeners also claim it can burn your plants. Watering during the cooler times of the day is water-wise and possibly better for your garden.


Those who violate the water-use rules are subject to fines. The fees are added to the water bill of the violator. 1st violation: $20 2nd violation: $50 3rd violation: $100 4th and each additional violation: $200

Southwest Plant Selector App

Use this app to find xeric landscape plants specifically for New Mexico. All plants in this app thrive on little or no supplemental water.
Santa Feans can wash vehicles at home but only once a month and only with a nozzle that automatically shuts off when not in use.

Water Conservation Signage

Santa Fe businesses are required to display water conservation signage. The city provides signage at no charge.
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Water Rates Structure

The City of Santa Fe has implemented a rate structure that encourages water conservation.

High water rates along with surcharges for water use beyond defined limits have been a part of the success of Santa Fe’s water conservation and drought management programs.
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For more detail, you can download the the City of Santa Fe Comprehensive Water Conservation Requirements Ordinance