Take advantage of rebates offered by the City of Santa Fe by investing in high efficiency indoor appliances and outdoor water conservation tools.


Residential customers are encouraged to replace old models with new qualifying WaterSense labeled ones.

Includes clothes washers (see EnergyStar certified  and Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tiers 2 and 3  machines for qualifying models); and toilets which are WaterSense labeled 1.28 gallon per flush (gpf), 0.88 gpf models.



Maximize your outdoor water use and help reduce Santa Fe's high demand for outdoor watering.

Includes rain barrels, and both small and large volume cisterns as well as irrigation equipment including rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, and ET controllers.



Our Certified Waterwise Business program offers incentives for commercial utility customers to conserve.

Commercial rebates offered for toilets (WaterSense labeled or MaP tested 1.28 gpf, 1.0, and .8 gpf models, pint flush (0.125 gpf), and water free urinals, and pre-approved Custom Retrofit Projects.


Energy & Water

PNM Rebate Program

Saving energy saves water. PNM also offers customer rebates for EnergyStar dishwashers and clothes washers.
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Roof-Reliant Landscaping

Rainwater Harvesting with Cistern Systems in New Mexico

Interested in capturing rainwater for your landscape?
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