Incentives to Save

You pay for every drop of water that goes past your meter. You can make a difference by investing in water efficient appliances, and then take advantage of that investment by applying for indoor and outdoor rebates offered by the city that save you money on your water bill. 

Residential Rebates

Residential customers are encouraged to replace old models with new efficient ones to receive a rebate. Qualifying items include:

Commercial Rebates

Commercial water customers can also take advantage of our rebate program after replacing the following qualifying items:

  • Toilets, including WaterSense labeled  or MaP tested  1.28 gpf, 1.0, and .8 gpf models.
  • Pint flush (0.125 gpf) and water free urinals.
  • Custom Retrofit Projects. Please note that custom retrofit projects require pre-approval before installation to qualify for the rebate. Contact our office at 955-4225 to schedule a meeting.

HOA & Condo Residents

If you receive City water but don't have an account in your name because your Home Owners Association's or Condo Board's water is master metered, contact your HOA or Condo Board to find out if they have met requirements to participate in the rebate program.



Restaurant Pilot Project

Learn about specific opportunities and water conservation incentives within the restaurant sector.
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High Efficiency Toilets (HET)

To qualify for rebate, customers must purchase a WaterSense labeled models.
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Washing Machines

Qualifying models will save you water and money!

Earn up to $285 when you install a water efficient clothes washer.
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Energy & Water

PNM Rebate Program

Saving energy saves water. PNM also offers customer rebates for EnergyStar dishwashers and clothes washers.
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Roof-Reliant Landscaping

Rainwater Harvesting with Cistern Systems in New Mexico

Interested in capturing rainwater for your landscape?
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Applicant Terms:

Don't delay the processing! Be sure to review the following terms before submitting your application:

  • Must be a City of Santa Fe Water customer with an account in their name at the address where the appliance or fixture is installed and at time of purchase.
  • Submit applications within 6 months of purchase date.
  • Receipts must be attached.
  • Processing typically takes 60-90 days to complete. The rebate will be applied to the customer’s City of Santa Fe utility bill.
Rainwater catchment for Santa Fe xeriscape.