A Community Toolkit on the 5-Year Water Conservation Plan

City of Santa Fe Water Conservation & Drought Management Plan 2015: 2020 Addendum. NOW AVAILABLE.

Water Conservation 5-Year Plan

Last year the City Water Conservation Office held a series of public forums designed to collect public input to help develop goals for its 5-year Water Conservation Plan. This community-driven process led to valuable input provided by many engaged city residents. Learn about the planning process and why public input was sought.

Press Release

Public input sought to help shape the future of Santa Fe’s water conservation planning. Click to read press release.

Executive Summary

Read the 5-Year Water Conservation Plan Executive Summary

City of Santa Fe Water Conservation and Drought Management Plan 2015: 2020 Addendum

Executive Summary | Click here for PDF

This addendum (2020 Addendum) to the City of Santa Fe Water Conservation and Drought Management Plan 2015 (15 Plan) exists to update three sections of the City of Santa Fe Water Conservation and Drought Management Plan 2015: the Water Conservation Goals, Gallons per Capita per Day (GPCD) water usage and findings of the American Water Works Association’s Non-Revenue Water Audit (AWWA Audit). This report will be submitted to the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer (NMNMOSE) in fulfillment of permit requirements and consistent with New Mexico’s Water Conservation Planning Guide for Public Water Suppliers, also known as Technical Report 53.

City of Santa Fe Water Conservation and Drought Management Plan 2015: 2020 Addendum

Click here to view the Public Input & Planning Matrices

Public Input Matrix

The Public Input Matrix is one outcome of a series of public meetings held in spring and summer 2019. The first meeting was primarily informational and provided background on the Santa Fe Water Division, water sources and distribution system, and the role of the WCO. The four remaining meetings each focused on specific areas of interest to the work of the WCO: residential water use, commercial water use, climate change, and partnerships. A detailed description of the process for these meetings and the evaluation of the input collected, as well as a compilation of all of the public input collected is included.

The WCO has been successful in using an annual scorecard, developed in conjunction with the WCC, for guidance, tracking, and reporting. The 2020 Addendum uses the existing WCO scorecard format to structure the 2020-2025 Water Conservation Goals, which were developed using the Public Input and Planning Matrices.

2020-2025 Water Conservation Goals

The WCO has been successful with many ongoing projects and this 2020 Addendum is an opportunity to re-envision the goals and programs of the office with the hindsight gained from five more years of operation. There are three sources for the 2020-2025 Water Conservation Goals: public input, synergy with other City departments and plans, and opportunities to augment ongoing conservation projects.

5-Year Scorecard

2020 Scorecard


The WCO scorecard has been an effective tool to guide, measure, and report on WCO projects. The 5-Year Scorecard will be the primary guidance document for the WCO during the 2020-2025 planning period. The 2020 Scorecard is designed to provide broad guidance to the WCO and its programs.

Public Input

One of the primary goals of the 2020 Addendum was to effectively collect public input about priorities and projects that the community would like to see in the next 5 years.

Public Input Process, Questions, and Feedback

Click to view or download the 5-year Water Conservation Plan in its entirety.

What’s New

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