For Businesses

Santa Fe businesses are required to post Water Conservation signage.
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The City offers a variety of rebates to encourage customers to conserve water.
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Download the free app and set up leaks alerts and monitor your water use.
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City preparedness for drought in Santa Fe.
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Support our pollinators AND save water by being smart about your plant choices.
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Waterwise Dining

When dining out, choose City-Certified Waterwise Restaurants.
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Save water outside and support our pollinators by planting native and other xeric species in your yard! See what's featured in our Water Conservation Demonstration Gardens.

Sign Up for EyeOnWater

Keep tabs on your water use by signing up for EyeOnWater. You can set up a leak alert so you’re alerted as soon as the system detects continuous flow that exceeds your set threshold. For example, if you choose an alert threshold of 5 gallons, EyeOnWater will alert you that there is 5 or more gallons continuously flowing through your meter. SIGN UP

Become a City Certified Waterwise Business

City Certified Waterwise status means a restaurant or other business went through a rigorous process including water efficiency assessment and implementing ways to stretch every drop! Patrons are encouraged to look for Certified Waterwise restaurants, hotels and businesses that have made the effort to conserve our community’s most precious resource and let them know that what they do matters by giving them your business. LEARN MORE