Save On Your Water Bill


Water Conservation Rebates and Incentives

You pay for every drop of water that flows through your meter. Saving water can save you money by lowering your monthly water bill. The City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Office offers customers home and business financial incentives and rebates to help you save water by increasing your indoor and outdoor water efficiencies.

The City of Santa Fe Water Division offers a variety of rebates to encourage customers to conserve water by replacing high use fixtures and appliances with efficient technologies.

Please note: This program is for the replacement of high water use fixtures and appliance with efficient technologies only. The rebates do not apply to purchases for new homes or new construction and development.

To qualify:

  • All appliances and fixtures must be purchased after May 1, 2011
  • Applicants must be a City of Santa Fe Water customer with an account in their name at the service address where the appliance or fixture is installed and at time of purchase.
  • Only original receipt(s) will be accepted. Applications submitted with photocopy receipt(s) will be denied.

Indoor Rebates Include:

  • High-efficiency clothes washer rebates
  • High-efficiency toilet (HET) rebates for residential or commercial
  • Water free urinal rebates
  • Commercial process efficiency program rebates. Please contact our office at 955-4225 to schedule a pre-application meeting.

Outdoor Rebates Include:

Complete rebate applications typically take 60-90 days to process. The rebate will be applied to the customer’s City of Santa Fe utility bill.

Rebates for HOAs and Condo Boards

If you receive City water but do not have an account in your name because your Home Owners Association’s or Condo Board’s water is master metered, you may qualify for a rebate, (terms and conditions apply). Check with your HOA or Condo Board to see if they are a participant in our Rebate Program Requirements for HOAs and Condo Boards with master meters. Appliances and fixtures purchased prior to the HOA or Condo Board meeting the Rebate Program Requirements ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for a rebate.

PNM Also Offers Rebates

PNM offers rebates for appliances that save both electricity and water, including EnergyStar dishwashers and clothes washers. You can find out more about their program at