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Without water, our tourism economy would not exist. We aim to reduce the commercial water footprint in Santa Fe, of which restaurants are a vital component. To do this, we developed a unique water saving assistance program for restaurants called, “Make a Reservation to Save Water."

About this Program

  • A free commercial water audit valued between $500-$1,000, to determine current level of water use efficiency; and identify ways to cut down on water use.
  • Free equipment onsite, such as aerators and pre-rinse spray valves.
  • Participating restaurants will be highlighted as water savers on our website, social media channels, and on the Green Chamber website as well.
  • Radio shows and press releases as well as opportunities for advertisement are all extra incentives.
  • Comprehensive report of the findings, which includes training using the EyeOnWater app to track and monitor water use on a computer or mobile phone. This app also alerts you to leaks on a real-time basis.
  • Assist local restaurants in understanding their current water use and how they can reduce this expense.
  • Educate and assist restaurants with creating a plan for long term water reduction
  • Promote participating restaurants through our Local & Green Lodging Initiatives
  • Promote water saving establishments through local recognition.

Pilot Project was initiated in 2018-19 in which 30 restaurants were recruited. We're now seeking an additional 50 restaurants to participate in 2019-20. The pilot discovered that major water savings were possible in rolling out a Water Audit Program targeted specifically towards restaurants in Santa Fe. Key findings include:

    • Water Saved by Pilot Program – 3 million gallons – Mainly replacing aerators and fixing leaks
    • Water Savings Identified – 19 million gallons – Mainly upgrades to toilets and a few other fixtures

Getting the Word Out

How are we getting the word out to restaurants? Using a variety of promotional materials and platforms, we're actively recruiting Santa Fe restaurants to participate. You can help spread the word too- please let your favorite restaurants know about this program and encourage them to earn a waterwise badge!

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Be sure to follow us on social media for the most up to date info about this program and use #MakeAReservationToSaveWater when dining out at your favorite waterwise restaurant!






Santa Fe Community College and Energy Smart Academy partnership

Santa Fe Community College and Energy Smart Academy partnership.

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