Santa Feans keeping an “EyeOnWater”

Santa Fe is known for our water saving culture and the City is focused on technical water management solutions to help our community continue our water saving ethics. One of our key technical solutions is the EyeOnWater web portal and smartphone app.

EyeOnWater provides City water customers with easy access to personal water consumption data and the ability to create alerts for possible leaks with no need to wait for notification from the utility or a high-water bill to take action. It allows customers to view and manage their usage by providing water use data in 15-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly intervals. You can easily see how much water you’re using at your home and business and compare and prevent long-term leaks and avoid Tier 2 water rates. 

The Santa Fe Water Division began replacing residential and business water meters with ‘Smart Meters’ in 2016. Since then, the City and our customers have helped save millions of gallons of water. Recent examples included a leak at a customer’s home while they were out of town for the holiday, of 551 gallons per hour. EyeOnWater sent a text alert and repairs were made two hours later saving 230,000 gallons of water; a small medical firm developed a leak in their public bathroom on Thanksgiving of 196 gallons per hour and the leak was repaired within hours with an estimated savings of 70,560 gallons; a State of NM office was notified by text message of a leak of 208 gallons per hour and maintenance was able to repair the leak within three hours, saving 74,880 gallons.

To use EyeOnWater and control your water usage on your phone, tablet or computer you will need to create an EyeOnWater account. Go to See video below for sign up instructions. Water Conservation staff is always available to help and can be reached at 505-955-4225.

  • Step 1. Enter in your Zip Code
  • Step 2. Enter in your account number (DO NOT ADD YOUR ZEROS) Example: 123456. If you don’t know your account number, call water conservation staff at 505-955-4225.
  • Step 3. Select City of Santa Fe from the drop-down menu in the Utility Field.
  • Step 4. Enter your name, email address and set a password. Your username will be your email address once your account is created.
  • Step 5. Set your leak alert gallons of water threshold from 1 to 7 gallons per hour. This will help you spot the most common leaks including dripping faucets, leaky toilets and broken sprinkler heads. 
  • Step 6. Once you are logged in you will see your personalized dashboard with graphs and charts of weekly, monthly and yearly water use patterns.

The City strongly encourages you to learn more about how water is being used in your home or business and to learn more about the opportunities it provides. Sign Up Today!