Outdoor rebates are offered to City water customers NEW irrigation equipment and/or NEW system installations.

CUSTOMERS HAVE UP TO 6 MONTHS FROM PURCHASE DATE TO SUBMIT REBATE APPLICATION. All submissions must include copies of receipts – you will be able to upload copies before you submit your application.



Rain Sensor – $40

Soil Moisture Sensor – $75

WaterSense labeled ET Controller:

  • Up to 12 stations – cost of controller up to $400
  • More than 12 station – cost of controller up to $750


Rain Water Catchment (Small Volume)

50 to 99 gallon – $12 ea

100 to 199 gallon – $25 ea

200 to 499 gallon – $50 ea


  • Rain barrels must have an overflow, secure lid for
    safety, screen, and water access tap to qualify.
  • Each residential customer is eligible for rebates on
    a maximum of four rain barrels per household on

Rain Water Catchment (Large Volume Cisterns)

Cisterns have a rebate value of $0.25/gallon. Bonus cistern rebates also available.

BONUS 1: additional $0.125/gallon-size cistern to handle 2″ of rainfall on roof.

BONUS 2: additional $0.25/gallon when you use rain water inside home for flushing toilets and/or other non-potable use(s) such as washing clothes. (Plumbing must comply with city code). If eligible, drawings and building permit # must be uploaded with receipts.


Earn up to a $175 rebate when you install a "Laundry to Landscape" gray water system which diverts water from your clothes washer to your landscape.


  • Supplies no more than 250 gallons of gray water per day.
  • Does not include storage or treatment.

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