Water is a precious resource for which we must all work together to protect. Our water activity book is intended for families to do together. It includes projects and information about where water in Santa Fe comes from, how we can use it more sustainably, and where it goes when we are done. If your child completes activities they will be able to claim prizes. When they are done, you will fill out and submit the online completion form (below). We'll notify you when prizes are ready for pick up.

To get started on your activities you can download a PDF of the Water Activities Book. Complete the activities in the guide to explore water and its importance in our lives. As you complete activities, write the answers in the blue boxes. When you have completed all the activities that you want to do, have an adult fill out the completion form below to claim your prizes.

Be sure to also visit our Youth Education page. In 2018 we launched our Water Passport Program in which elementary school students participate in water education through the school year. This includes a number of field trips to places like Nichols Reservoir in the Santa Fe Watershed and Buckman Direct Diversion Water Treatment Plant.