The City of Santa Fe’s water conservation program is critical to managing the City’s limited water resources for today and in the future. The City began a “lead by example” water conservation program began in 1997, resulting in Santa Feans reducing their water consumption by more than 39 percent since tracking began in 1995.

Water Conservation Benefits the Community

Through a combination of solid planning and Santa Fe’s businesses and residents responsibility about water use, the City is able to ensure a safe, sustainable and reliable water supply for municipal use and fire protection. Santa Fe’s long-standing water conservation and drought management programs are among the most comprehensive and effective in the region.

Water conservation benefits the community by reducing water demands that might otherwise require costly new source development projects.

Programs such as educational events, residential and commercial water audits, leak detections, and indoor and outdoor rebates have been integral parts of Santa Fe’s water conservation program for many years.

Saving water is always in season. The City promotes conservation techniques year-round, whether it’s a wet or dry year.

Rebates & Incentives

The City offers rebate and incentive programs for high-efficiency toilets and clothes washers, rain barrels and cisterns, and water-free urinals, for both homes and businesses. The rebates are based on the cost of water saved, which makes the rebate amount typically higher than other rebate programs. With the implementation of the rebate program customers have an incentive to install water conservation technologies that maximize efficiency in their homes or businesses. Terms and conditions apply.

Leak Detection

The City Water Conservation Office will conduct an evaluation of water fixtures designed to assist you in locating water waste. To request a leak detection, please call 955-4333.


City water conservation experts are available for presentations at schools and community events and offer training to landscape professionals. The City also offers tours of the Buckman Direct Diversion facility.

Water Waste Violation Enforcement

With a resource as limited as water, it should be a crime to waste it. And it is.

Report Water Waste (505) 955-4222
Report Water Waste in City Parks (505) 955-2100

Water Use Violation Fees

  • 1st Violation: $20
  • 2nd Violation: $50
  • 3rd Violation: $100
  • 4th and each additional Violation: $200

Planning Documents: Diving in the Deep End

City of Santa Fe Water Conservation and Drought Management Plan

The Santa Fe City Council has emphasized and effectively implemented a comprehensive and very aggressive water conservation and emergency management plan. The Water Conservation and Drought Management Plan summarizes ongoing programs as well as identifies areas of desired continuing improvement to Santa Fe’s successful water demand management program. To download the entire document click here.

City of Santa Fe Annual Water Report

The City of Santa Fe Annual Water Report compiles and summarizes useful information about the City’s water utility, including water supply, water production, water deliveries, conservation programs, potable and wastewater resources, water bank balance, and customer use data. The executive summary and full report are available here

City of Santa Fe Long-Range Water Supply

The City's Long Range Water Supply Plan (Water Plan) is a road map on how the City will provide a reliable and sustainable water supply to current and future water customers. The executive summary and full report are available here.