Water Connects Us

Each year the City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Office invites Santa Fe students in grades 1-6 to participate in the Children’s Water Conservation Poster Contest. The invitation is open to all public, private, charter and home-schooled students in Santa Fe.

2015-2016 Theme - "Water Use: Then and Now"

A theme is selected each year to encourage students to explore different aspects of the value of water and the importance of conservation. The 2015-16 theme encouraged students to talk with their parents and grandparents about how they used water and how their use differed from the more efficient ways in which water is used today.

The Water Conservation Office prepared an Activity Guide to help guide discussions by teachers and/or parents related to the theme and why conserving water is important, as well as simple ways to reduce everyday water usage.


Three winning posters will be selected from each grade level and featured in the Water Conservation Calendar. The Grand Prize winning poster will be displayed on the cover of the calendar and on a City bus. Winners will receive notification by mail of the Awards Presentation. In addition to a trophy, each winning artist will receive a prize package which includes a water conservation kit for saving water at home.