Vacant Positions on City’s Water Conservation Committee

Do you have experience in water conservation, water quality, water policy, or landscaping? Do you have an interest in serving on a committee that’s dedicated to water conservation? If so, you are invited and encouraged to email a letter of interest and brief resume to Christine Y. Chavez, Water Conservation Manager, at The City’s Water Conservation Committee currently has 4 vacancies that need to be filled. As an advisory group for the City, the Committee assists with policy recommendations and evaluates specific programs related to water conservation.

Candidates are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council and are assigned a two-year term limit with the opportunity to serve up to three consecutive terms, but may be reappointed following a minimum one-year hiatus. Committee members dedicate their time to attend regular monthly meetings.

ABOUT THE WATER CONSERVATION COMMITTEE: The Water Conservation Committee was established in 2002 to promote water conservation and advise elected officials on relevant topics. The Committee provides input on the identification, implementation and effectiveness of various water conservation programs including policy, rebates, media and public outreach and education. The Committee’s membership includes persons with the following expertise: landscaping, building construction, education, land use policies, technical expertise in hydrology or engineering, and water quality.