Find a professionally certified Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper: 2015 State of New Mexico QWEL List 

QWEL (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper) is a EPA WaterSense Professional Certification Program in Irrigation Auditing.

The program was developed to educate landscape professionals and their customers on the benefits of sound landscape design, management and irrigation practices. QWEL provides approximately 36 hours of education focused on water efficient principles including irrigation system and landscape design with proper plant selections for the climate. The next training is scheduled to take place in fall 2016. Topics include:

  • Water Supply
  • Irrigation Basics & Efficiency
  • Soils
  • Plants and Maintenance
  • Water Management
  • Water Budgets
  • Backflow Requirements
  • Irrigation Controller Programming and Scheduling
  • Valve Operations
  • Controller & Field Wiring
  • New Technologies
  • Specific regional sections on Drip Irrigation (Design and Maintenance) are provided in the Santa Fe presentations

QWEL Training and certification give professional landscapers up-to-date knowledge in water efficient and sustainable landscape practices, including design, maintenance and operation of “smart” irrigation systems, which can reduce landscape water demand.

As the climate in Santa Fe gets hotter and drier, the demand for “smart” irrigation technology is increasing. “Smart” landscape professionals understand these technologies, local soil and water conditions, and trends in water-efficient irrigation systems.

The training is geared toward the licensed landscape professional with experience in the field and newer employees of an landscape/irrigation company wishing to increase their knowledge.

Find a QWEL Landscaper

Schedule your Irrigation System Evaluation. At least one person (must be at least 18 years of age) affiliated with the property must be present for the duration of the evaluation.

During the evaluation process, your existing irrigation system will be evaluated and water efficiency recommendations will be provided by the QWEL professional.

  • Several tests are conducted to measure the efficiency of the irrigation system.
  • Recommendations are provided on how to improve the irrigation system.
  • Proper maintenance education and a watering schedule are provided.
  • Improvements will be suggested for upgrades and/or retrofits to your irrigation equipment, which may qualify for additional rebates.