Understanding the Rio Grande Compact and upcoming Santa Fe River releases

The City will soon begin releasing water from one of its reservoirs down the Santa Fe River. Listen online (below) to our Save Water Santa Fe podcast with guest Jesse Roach, City Water Division Director. He discussed the recent announcement about upcoming Santa Fe River water releases that will help fulfill New Mexico’s water obligations to Texas as part of the Rio Grande Compact.

For those curious as to why the City is going to release water from one of our City reservoirs to Texas, it’s the hope that this episode will help residents to understand some of the complexities regarding state water compacts.


BACKGROUND INFO: https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/santa-fe-plans-significant-water-release-as-state-tries-to-pay-down-texas-debt/article_77b35b46-5523-11eb-b24c-dbd680bdb8bf.html

Nichols Reservoir, Santa Fe Municipal Watershed