Water Conservation Does Not Exclude Our Furry Family Members

Instagrammer @peterbarile recently used our hashtag #savewatersantafe for a video he posted showing his dog, Frannie, having a great time splashing in the river! Pets are members of the family which means they too can contribute to your household’s water conservation efforts. Here are some tips you can follow when it comes to the household water that’s used for your pets:

• During bath time, either use a large basin or wash them in an area of the landscape that needs water and use biodegradable nontoxic shampoo so you don’t harm plants or trees. And of course use a hose with an auto shut off nozzle.
• If you can’t make it to the river or lake and you must have a doggie pool, use a small one that can easily be poured onto your plants.
• Water your plants when discarding your pet’s water bowl. Or install a pet fountain with a filter to keep water cleaner and fresher for longer.
• Fish tank water is loaded with nutrients. Water your plants with it instead of pouring it down the drain.