City of Santa Fe Water Conservation and Drought Management Plan 2015: 2020 Addendum

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Public Input Matrix

The Public Input Matrix is one outcome of a series of public meetings held in spring and summer 2019. The first meeting was primarily informational and provided background on the Santa Fe Water Division, water sources and distribution system, and the role of the WCO. The four remaining meetings each focused on specific areas of interest to the work of the WCO: residential water use, commercial water use, climate change, and partnerships. A detailed description of the process for these meetings and the evaluation of the input collected, as well as a compilation of all of the public input collected is included.

The input collected from these meetings was entered into a spreadsheet and then evaluated for reoccurring themes. The most prominent themes were then organized into two categories: Initiatives and Strategies.

• Initiatives are areas of potential focus for WCO projects and form the columns of the Public Input Matrix. The initiatives identified are Outdoor Water Use, Enforcement / Regulation, Urban Forest / Food, Sustainable Tourism, and Sustainable Growth.
• Strategies are techniques or tools that can help with the accomplishment of initiatives and form the rows of the Public Input Matrix. The strategies identified are Leading by Example, Partnerships, Education, Water Harvesting, Infiltration, Reduction of Runoff, Incentives, and Public Involvement.

The cells at the intersection of these two axes – Initiatives and Strategies – contain specific projects, programs, and partnerships collected via public input. The purpose of the Public Input Matrix is to provide a framework for the work of the WCO to help identify and evaluate potential projects in terms of their consistency with the goals of City of Santa Fe water customers.

Planning Matrix

The City has a multitude of planning documents and a comprehensive evaluation of each is beyond the scope of the 2020 Addendum, but a group of relevant plans have been reviewed and meetings have been held with other City departments to identify likely partnerships. The Planning Matrix provides a snapshot of points of intersections with some of the City’s planning documents that seem most clearly related to water conservation including the 25-Year Sustainability Plan, Incorporating Green Infrastructure into Roadway Projects in Santa Fe (LID manual), and the Stormwater Master Plan.

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