Santa Fe Restaurant Partnership Pilot Project

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Project Endorsed by EPA Water Sense and the Santa Fe Restaurant Association

The Water Conservation Office is partnering with the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce and Resource-Wise to begin its Commercial Pilot Project this month to look at specific opportunities within the restaurant sector. We are looking for 30 to 40 restaurants to participate in the study. Restaurant partners will receive the following:

  1. A free commercial water audit valued between $500-$1,000, to determine current level of water use efficiency; and identify ways to cut down on water use.
  2. Free equipment onsite, such as aerators and pre-rinse spray valves.
  3. Participating restaurants will be highlighted as water savers on our website, social media channels, and on the Green Chamber website as well.
  4. Radio shows and press releases as well as opportunities for advertisement are all extra incentives.
  5. Free one-year membership to the Green Chamber of Commerce and will be recognized for their participation. This recognition will reflect on a restaurant's choice to participate in the study and implement some of the best management practices that lead to lower uses of energy and water.
  6. Comprehensive report of the findings, which includes training using our new EyeOnWater app to track and monitor water use on a computer or mobile phone. This app also alerts you to leaks on a real-time basis.

The data we collect will help us build a program specifically for restaurants. Click here for information about our current commercial rebate program and be on the lookout for a restaurant specific rebate following the pilot project late spring.

If you own or manage a Santa Fe restaurant and would like to sign up to participate, please fill out the form below or contact Water Conservation Manager Christine Chavez at / (505) 955-4219.