2020-2025 Water Conservation Goals

The WCO has been successful with many ongoing projects and this 2020 Addendum is an opportunity to re-envision the goals and programs of the office with the hindsight gained from five more years of operation. There are three sources for the 2020-2025 Water Conservation Goals: public input, synergy with other City departments and plans, and opportunities to augment ongoing conservation projects.

Extensive public outreach was conducted in preparation for writing this plan and extensive public input was collected through a series of mediated public meetings and through savewatersantafe.com. This input was organized and prevalent ideas were organized into the Public Input Matrix. The Public Input Matrix is intended to serve as a tool to evaluate and guide the office in the long- and short-term by providing a metric for evaluating prospective projects.

Many City departments work in areas where there are opportunities for water conservation, and a desire for the City to lead by example was one of the most common pieces of input we received from the public. This addendum uses the structure of the Public Input Matrix to evaluate existing City plans and programs for points of synergy. The resulting Planning Matrix, attached as Exhibit B, directs and prioritizes potential WCO projects based on the ability to work collaboratively with other City departments.

The WCO has been part of the City Water Division for more than 20 years and many ongoing projects continue to be successful and will be continued. Projects that will continue include the rebate program, restaurant pilot project, and the WCO scorecard.

The WCO has been successful in using an annual scorecard, developed in conjunction with the WCC, for guidance, tracking, and reporting. The 2020 Addendum uses the existing WCO scorecard format to structure the 2020-2025 Water Conservation Goals, which were developed using the Public Input and Planning Matrices.